Genesis Health Technologies
212 Lone Oak Rd.
Paducah, KY 42001

DRA Round-up: May 2012

DRA Partnerships that are Creating Jobs, Building Communities, and Improving Lives

Small Business Spotlight

Kentucky: New product allows diabetes patients to track health and consult with doctors in real-time.

Last month Genesis Health Technologies (GHT), a small health care services business in Paducah, KY, stated that their product will bring blood glucose monitoring into real-time.

GHT’s Blood Glucometer measures a patient’s blood glucose levels and immediately sends results to an online logbook, which not only records the levels but also graphs and analyzes results over time. GHT will additionally provide the MyGHR tool, a free and secure cloud-based patient web portal for diabetes patients. The MyGHR system will allow patients to track their glucose levels as well as share their health status with doctors and family members, whether in the same county or another state. The device has already been tested and certified to run on Verizon Wireless' network.

CEO of Genesis Health Technologies Nathan Cross explains, “In the current health care environment and evolution of electronic record keeping, it is crucial to have a secure online environment for real time sharing of patient health indicators.” The Blood Glucometer and MyGHR provides medical professionals with the necessary information to monitor their patients instantaneously rather than waiting six months to review a log of glucose levels that the patient may or may not have recorded. MyGHR enables patients and their doctors to remotely manage their diabetes between scheduled visits.

“Let’s be proactive and preventative in managing diabetes,” said Cross.

Intermittent management of a patient’s disease can reduce health care costs over time, decreasing the amount of unplanned reactionary care needed and avoiding severe diabetic crises in between doctor visits. Once MyGHR is fully integrated, Genesis Health plans to expand its services to cover other chronic diseases as well as partner with regional institutions to provide this important service to rural communities throughout the Delta Region, an area where rates of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, are 50 percent higher than national averages. Genesis Health is doing their part to help doctors and patients create a healthier Delta.