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Small businesses lead Delta

The Paducah Sun

Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 1:00 AM, 

The word small isn’t always a good thing when it comes to economic growth. On Monday in Paducah, however, small businesses equated it to big news. 

Officials from the Delta Regional Authority released new private-sector data during a news conference at St. Nicholas Family Clinic in Paducah. The data shows that 90 percent of all new net Delta jobs over the last 20 years have been created by businesses with nine or fewer employees. DRA Federal Co-Chairman Christopher Masingill said that information alone signals a change in the economy. 

“They are real job creators,” Masingill said. “The numbers show they were the job creators of the past, they are creating jobs in the present and they will create jobs in the future. We need to support that effort with our resources so they can continue to do so.” 
Masingill and other DRA officials are midway through a tour of the DRA’s eight states — Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana — in honor of Small Business Saturday. 

The team chose St. Nicholas Family Clinic because of its unique partnership with Genesis Health Technology, an upstart small business. 

“The fact that they picked our clinic was pretty special,” Lennis Thompson, chairman of the clinic board, said. “They saw the partnership that we have with Genesis, and we got to show how we work with each other to better the health of the patients.” 
Masingill took a tour of the clinic, then was given a demonstration of Genesis’ new wireless glucose meter that tests blood, then wirelessly transmits data results to an online web portal that can then be shared with medical professionals. 

“They have been great throughout the whole process,” Genesis CEO Nathan Cross said. “We are a small business, and they helped us enhance our systems so we can support multiple patients, and then we can share that software throughout the Delta region. They were a key component to that.“
Earlier Monday, the group was in Jonesboro, Ark., and Carbondale, Ill. They traveled to Cape Girardeau, Mo., later Monday, and will visit cities in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana today. 

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