The MyGHR Professional System has been cleared by the FDA

The Challenge for Payers

Diabetes is growing at an unprecedented rate

Diabetes Statistics in the United States
  • 25 million people have diabetes
  • 79 million people have pre-diabetes
  • Diabetes cost exceed $245 billion per year
  • 1 in 10 health care dollars spent treating diabetes and its complications
  • 1 in 5 health care dollars spent on caring for people with diabetes
*Statistics from the ADA, March 2013

Genesis Offers an Affordable Solution

The GHT Blood Glucose Meter is designed to help meet the increased expectations of better patient care for less money. Unlike other meters, the GHT Blood Glucose Meter automatically uploads each test result over cellular networks to the secure MyGHR System which gives healthcare professionals access to patients’ test results on demand. The MyGHR System allows health professionals to utilize true, accurate data in an efficient manner enabling them to improve patient engagement and overall patient care.

The MyGHR System also provides Utilization and Participation Reports that can be integrated with new or existing health or wellness initiatives.

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